90 Day Fiancé’s Ed and Liz Reveal the Lessons They've Learned After 11-Plus Break Ups

90 Day: The Last Resort stars Ed Brown and Liz Woods aren't quite ready to share the details on their happily ever after, but the couple did divulge to E! News why their future looks bright.

By Sarah Grossbart Oct 01, 2023 12:30 AMTags
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Are 90 Day Fiancé stars Ed "Big Ed" Brown and Liz Woods finally living their happily ever after? All signs point to...yes? 

Their  breakup during January's Happily Ever After? tell-all marked the duo's 11th split in nearly three years. (Or possibly their 12th—they've lost count at this point, Liz noted.) But what hasn't killed their romance has only made it stronger.

"What has made this round the best round that we've ever had was the therapy that we had," Liz, 31, told E! News in an exclusive interview. "We learned how to work on ourselves individually, together, become friends, learn how to be partners together. So we had a lot of help in that." 

Credit the producers who invited them to join the collection of franchise couples on 90 Day: The Last Resort for a two-week, therapy-laden relationship bootcamp.

"We had a lot of growth individually," Liz explained at a Sept. 26 premiere party for the 10th season of 90 Day Fiancé. "If you can't grow individually or love yourself as a person, you can't bring that into a relationship." 

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Among the more important takeaways from their time at the Key West resort, said Liz, was to remember the importance of liking, not just loving, one another. "We've learned how to become friends," said Liz. Echoed Ed, "I would say we're in a really good place." 

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And while the pair won't confirm chatter they finally made their way down the aisle ("Watch the show," teased Ed), they can share that they're happily settled in their new Arkansas home. The goal of decamping from their place in California was to "start our lives over," noted Ed, 58, "so the future looks bright."

Liz, for one, is appreciating the new view. 

"Someone asked me a question, how would you compare San Diego to Arkansas?" recalled the mom to 10-year-old Ryleigh. "I said, 'San Diego's for single Liz and Ed. Arkansas is for settled down Liz and Ed.' Future, getting everything together, becoming partners, that's how I would describe it."

And perhaps finally mastering the art of fighting fair.  

"So Liz had the best quote ever that we learned recently," Ed explained. "Somebody had told her, when you get into a fight, you never go past the driveway." Chimed in Liz, "You never take your keys." 

For them, it's been the, uh, key, to getting through any blow ups. "Because once you get in your car and you drive off, it just changes everything," noted Liz. "So be mad, go to a different room. You can sit in your car if you need to. Don't take off."

Their other must is to simply keep fighting for one another. 

"I learned from an elderly couple I had asked one time, 'What is the secret to marriage?'" Ed described. "They'd been married for over 60 years and they're like, 'We were never ready to leave each other at the same time.' I think that says a lot about what it takes to be in a relationship. It's not 50-50. It's 100-100 every day." 

Hopefully for the rest of their lives. 

90 Day Fiancé premieres on Sunday, October 8 at 8PM ET/PT on TLC, MAX and discovery+. 

—Reporting by Nikaline McCarley