Centre of Public Initiatives “Ideas for Change”

Centre of Public Initiatives “Ideas for Change” (IfC) is an NGO start up, which is aimed at the development of new ideas for transformations in Ukraine. The organisation was founded in November 2015 but started its active project work from January 2017. The IfC’s founders have a considerable experience in civil sector as well as in the think-tanks, international organisations and public institutions. 

The IfC sees its mission as promotion of the transformation of the Ukrainian society from the survival values to self-expression values at the national level as well as at the level of local communities. The organisation aims to work in the innovative format “think & act & change tank”.

The IfC focuses on the following domains: conflict transformation and regulation; foreign policy of Ukraine, state decisions, development of public policies and support for the implementation of the reforms; sustainable development of the local communities; cultural diplomacy; gender equality; support of the leaders of change.

Currently the IfC team work on the following projects: Women’s Initiatives for Peace in Donbas(s), aimed to establish relationships between representatives from different conflict sides; to offer methods to decrease tensions and for de-mythologisation of fears and enemy images. This project has a framing character, as within it the organisation assists in the implementation of eight mini-projects of the participants from different target and conflict groups on the basis of diapraxis and gender focus.

 The IfC is a member of a number of professional and regional civil society platforms or cooperates with them, i.e.

·      Women’s Initiatives for the Peace in Donbas(s), which brings together women from Ukraine, including IDP and women from uncontrolled territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, Russian activists, Ukrainian refugees in Russia and representatives of the international community);

·      Regional anti-corruption platform of Ukraine, that unites the civil society activists and journalist at the local level, who aims to combat corruption at the local communities in Ukraine.

·      CivilMPlus, a European CS platform, which aim is the development of the common strategy of the civil society regarding regulation of the conflict in Donbas;

Civil Solidarity Platform, which brings together non-governmental organizations committed to improving the human rights situation