I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate.

George Burns

13 Russian citizens have been criminally charged in the United States for conspiring to “sow discord in the U.S. political system,” including the 2016 presidential election.


01 Ma2018 2018

National security issues through the eyes of youth in Germany, Poland and Ukraine

Dr. Natalie Slobodian

The project idea on the research of national security issues through the eyes of youth in Germany, Poland and Ukraine was supported by #GerdaHenkelStiftung

13 Apr 2018

Russian Gas Market: Export Strategy and Policy Trends

Dr. Natalie Slobodian

Russian Gas Market: production, structure of export and potential Export strategy Challenges facing Russia's gas policy

06 Mar 2018

Why do we need 3-D printed and cloned organs?

Dr. Iryna Ptashnyk

Ethical problems of using xenotransplantation as the alternative way of receiving organs; practical and commercial issues of using stem cells for treatment of diseases; gaps in legislation concerning

14 Feb 2018

Assessment of significance of protection of social and economic rights by different actors

Dr. Iryna Ptashnyk

The raising concern in all societies for the realization of economic and social rights has increased the linkage between the human rights and social justice.

14 Feb 2018

The challenges to the principle of distinction posed by non-international armed conflicts

Dr. Iryna Ptashnyk

This paper focuses on the understanding of the importance for applying of the principle of distinction not only in international armed conflict, but also in non-international armed conflicts

12 Feb 2018

Improving criminal responsibility for computer crimes in Ukraine

Yurii Belskyi

At the end of last year, a wave of cyber attacks hit several critical sectors in Ukraine.

07 Feb 2018

Would a Summer Offensive Cost Putin Too Much?

Ivan Nagornyak

Western sanctions against Russia were one of the main topics at the G7 Summit held in Germany on 07–08 June. The leaders there sent Putin and all of Russia’s elite a direct message....

07 Feb 2018

How can Kyiv and Brussels improve their relations?

Ivan Nagornyak

The Ukraine-EU summit, which took place on July 12th, brought Ukrainians back to a reality that they did not want to admit.