Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes

– Margaret Wheatley

All 12 boys and their football coach have been successfully saved

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Myths about women
Myths about women
24 Sep 2020 12:57
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Myths about women

Margarita SlobodianSocial media, strategic planning, research market

We continue to break down stereotypes and myths about women and leadership Myth: "Male intelligence is more superior to female." Another misconception that has formed and strengthened over the years of hard and unquestioning patriarchy. Scientists from all over the world have more than once tried (and still try) to support it with a variety of studies. But this is a stereotype of pure water. In the 1980s of the last century for several years the American writer Marilyn Vos was the owner of the highest IQ in the world. Her IQ ranged from 167 to 230 points. And Sharon Stone. Did you know that she is considered the smartest actress in Hollywood? Not only she started talking in a year, she also went to school at the age of five, and she had already entered the university at fifteen. There are a lot of examples than we can imagine.