Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes

– Margaret Wheatley

All 12 boys and their football coach have been successfully saved

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Project research
30 Oct 2020 15:33
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Project research

Margarita SlobodianSocial media, strategic planning, research market

The implementation of the project "Energy Sustainability of the United Territorial Communities (UTC) and support for women's leadership" has two focuses: the development of energy sustainability of communities and strengthening the competencies of women to further involve management decisions in the development of community energy projects. Therefore, when analyzing the documents on the strategic development of UTC, as well as the content of the sites, the issues of energy development and gender policy on the ground were taken into account. The annex presents how energy development issues and the gender component are reflected in the Strategies. It is worth noting that the least attention is paid on the ground to gender issues, in particular such as gender-oriented budgeting, women's involvement in education and strengthening of their professional competencies. Instead, almost all of the Analyzed Strategies mentioned the fight against "gender-based violence" in communities. Most attention is paid to the creation of conditions for the development and safety of women in the UTC Strategies of Donetsk region (80%). First of all, the focus of strategic planning of the region's communities is to create conditions for preventing gender-based violence, namely conducting information campaigns, working with young women, creating centers where a woman can apply if she finds herself in difficult living conditions. Increased attention to the problem and its fixation in strategic documents testifies to the high relevance for the communities of the region.