Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes

– Margaret Wheatley

All 12 boys and their football coach have been successfully saved

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09 Nov 2020 19:05
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Project research

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Continuing the analysis of UTC Strategies, it becomes clear that the issue of energy self-sufficiency for communities is key and, in fact, all Development Strategies include among the strategic goals - overcoming energy problems or developing energy projects. For example, Korovynska rural UTC of Sumy region in the energy component of the Community Development Strategy until 2025 noted the introduction and modernization of the energy-saving street lighting; introduction of the energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies; development of alternative energy; development of the Sustainable Energy Development Action Plan based on the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions; conducting energy audits of buildings; thermal modernization and reconstruction of existing communal property facilities; modernization of street lighting metering units on the territory of community settlements. Mykolayiv village UTC of Sumy region in the strategic vision of community development until 2027 plans to develop green energy, replace traditional lighting with solar lighting, promote and implement technologies for the use of solar panels, promote the construction of biogas production facilities. The development strategy of Belovodsk village UTC of the Luhansk region until 2023 is focused primarily on ensuring uninterrupted energy supply, and in Krasnorichyn village UTC of the Luhansk region the focus is on growing energy willow. The goal of the Development Strategy until 2022 of Vynohradiv rural UTC of the Kherson region is energy efficiency and the creation of energy cooperatives. Instead, the strategic document Kuchubeyivska rural UTC of the Kherson region emphasizes hydropower and growing bioenergy plants.