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19 Nov 2020 14:44
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Project research

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On November 11-13, 2020, the Security Expert Center – Ukraine with the support of the USAID Energy Security Project conducted the first online training "Energy Sustainability of the United Territorial Communities and Support for Women's Leadership".

In general 14 United Territorial Communities (UTC) from following regions joined the training: Mykolaiv (Mygiivska village UTC), Kherson (Velykovkopanivska village UTC, Chaplynska village UTC), Donetsk (Lyman city UTC, Siverska city UTC, Bakhmut city UTC), Olshna, Krasna  UTC), Kharkiv (Oskilska village UTC, Izium city UTC), Zaporizhia (Hirsiv village UTC, Kamyansko-Dnistrovska UTC, Pologi city UTC) and Cherkasy (Kamyanska city UTC) regions.

 During three days participants actively discussed issues of energy self-sufficiency, which are extremely important for communities today, as well as the role and involvement of women in local decision-making, especially in energy projects.


 From Olga Zelenyuk, co-founder of the Ukrainian Center for Concordance, a certified coach on conflict resolution and leadership development, participants learned about applied aspects of women's leadership.  UTCs representatives also received practical skills that are important for every woman leader - communication and conflict resolution skills and discussed the challenges of women's leadership in the field of energy.


 During the speech “Assessment of energy potential of communities” given by Andriy Chubyk, expert on sustainable energy development policy, the participants expanded their knowledge about the energy potential available to UTCs, ways to use and develop it.


 From the Oleg Savitsky’s speech (expert on climate and environmental policy, co-founder of the NGO "Ecodia") on the topic "From sustainable energy development action plans to roadmaps and real measures: how to implement an integrated climate and energy policy on the ground", participants learned about opportunities related to the need to modernize infrastructure in the context of climate change, modern approaches to integrated infrastructure planning and the role of Action Plans for Sustainable Energy Development and Climate as an applied tool for integrated energy and climate policy on the ground.


 Natalia Slobodian, an expert on international cooperation and technical assistance in the energy sector, in her presentation "National and international programs to support local energy projects" shared with UTC representatives information about opportunities to participate in international grant programs, how to create consortia with foreign colleagues and  what support can be received from international donors.


 In her presentation "Energy Efficiency: The Basis of Community Success" Yevhenia Nesterenko, Energy Expert (Security Expert Center - Ukraine) helped the participants to raise awareness on energy efficiency programs and financial opportunities for UTCs.


At last, in a joint speech "Legal framework for consumer protection in the energy sector" Yulia Usenko, co-founder and head of the All-Ukrainian Agency for Investment and Sustainable Development and Iryna Ptashnyk, lawyer of the EU technical project "Improvement of legislation, control and awareness of food safety, health and welfare  animals in Ukraine” focused the participants' attention on energy literacy and awareness of the role of conscious consumption in communities. During the training, participants received step-by-step actions to protect the interests of consumers in the fields of energy and utilities within the current legislation.