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Project research
15 Feb 2021 13:04
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Project research

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On February 10-12, 2021, the Security Expert Center - Ukraine, with the support of the USAID Energy Security Project (PEB), conducted the fourth online training "OTG Energy Sustainability and Support for Women's Leadership".

21 OTGs (38 participants) from 12 oblasts joined the training.


For three days, the participants actively participated in the discussed issues of energy self-sufficiency, which are extremely relevant for communities today, as well as the role and involvement of women in decision-making, especially in the field of energy projects.


The training discussed issues of consumer protection in the energy sector - "Legal framework for consumer protection in the energy sector." Iryna Ptashnyk shared the legal framework and examples of how consumers can defend their rights in court. Yulia Usenko explained how and when consumers interact with the Regulator and participants of energy markets in order to protect their rights, and when and in what way they should apply to the AMCU. In general, the participants received basic information about procedures, deadlines, practical advice in the context of protecting the rights of consumers of energy services.


Expert of the Ukrainian Climate Network, co-founder of the NGO "Ecodia", Oleh Savitsky spoke on "From sustainable energy development action plans to roadmaps and real measures: how to implement an integrated climate and energy policy on the ground" and revealed the role of infrastructure management for sustainable development. united territorial communities, and also acquainted the participants with the basic principles and approaches to the implementation of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SEAP). During the training, along with the practical aspects of project implementation, attention was paid to key management tools to achieve the strategic goals of the SEAP.


Olga Zelenyuk, co-founder of the Ukrainian Center for Harmony, conducted a practical training on "Applied Aspects of Women's Leadership." The participants got acquainted with different strategies of effective communication and conflict resolution - topics that will always be relevant for every leader. Effective teamwork tactics were also discussed.


During the speech of Andriy Chubyk, Expert on Sustainable Energy Development Policy "Assessment of Energy Resource Potential of Communities", an interactive conversation was held with the participants about the peculiarities of assessing the energy resource potential of OTG. The participants of the training presented energy consumption indicators in terms of volumes and financial costs, on the basis of which the initial analysis of the energy mix was conducted and estimates of the necessary changes for compliance with the criteria of sustainable development were presented.


In her presentation "Energy efficiency: the basis of community success" Nesterenko Eugene presented to the participants the main measures of energy efficiency and a budget focused on their implementation. The trainer provided information on national and international opportunities for co-financing OTG energy efficiency projects. Participants actively participated in the discussion.



Natalia Slobodyan, an expert on international cooperation and technical assistance in the energy sector, in her speech "International programs to support local energy projects" shared with OTG representatives information about opportunities to join international grant programs, including Horizon Europe, EFSE, GIF, EBSCO SOLAR , GIZ, NED and others. Participants learned about platforms for developing sustainable relationships with foreign colleagues, as well as the success stories of Ukrainian communities in attracting donor assistance.